An Invitation

It is amazing to me how much I have written in such a short time. It was only yesterday that I decided to write a blog and begin to share my thoughts and emotions. I have always journaled in private yet I as I have shared things around the events of Travis and my brother Joshua I have found that many have been touched by the words I have shared. I do not take credit for the gift of words for they seem to flow through me and do not come from me. Please do not thank me for the words I share… simply for living in a way so as to let them flow through me and into the lives of others. In our own ways and according to our own gifts we can all of us have a similar experience… living according to the truths before us to the best of our ability thus allowing the windows of heaven to open and pour themselves through our lives and bless the lives of those around us.

I will follow my own advice in the lesson I have recently learned when saying that we don’t regret the things we say and mean… only the things we mean and do not say. This blog will be my way of saying what it is that I mean when I mean it. There will be no regret… yes at times there will be vulnerability but no regret. I invite you a journey of discovery through my eyes and do not ask you to believe as I do or to change what you feel in your heart… simply look through another perspective and see if it helps to clarify yours in any way. Such is life… the clarification of where we are standing at any given time in our lives.

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