Spring Cleaning

Reposted from Forward Walking July 31st, 2014 by Daniel Adam Freeman My wife and I are currently packing up our house getting ready to move. It is amazing how many things have accumulated in the closets and drawers of our lives. Every drawer we open and closet we clean out leads us say, “Where did that… Continue reading Spring Cleaning


The Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

Reposted from Forward Walking December 5th, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman For many years I misguidedly sought happiness where it didn’t exist. I didn’t understand the principles upon which it flowed. I did things that most people say are important or will make you happy (traveling the world, striving toward achievement, or taking on big and… Continue reading The Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

Commitments of a Better Kind

Reposted from Forward Walking October 29, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman About a year ago, I began asking myself questions about commitment. I wondered why I was still single and what it really meant to be truly and wholly committed. Wasn’t there anyone out there who I could be truly happy with? What would it take… Continue reading Commitments of a Better Kind