An Invitation

It is amazing to me how much I have written in such a short time. It was only yesterday that I decided to write a blog and begin to share my thoughts and emotions. I have always journaled in private yet I as I have shared things around the events of Travis and my brother… Continue reading An Invitation


Sacred Space

Passing through these feelings and emotions surrounding the death of my brother has contained more lessons than I have ever learned at one time before. Life is school of genius for it truly teaches us wisdom… not just knowledge. The topic today deals with sacred space between people, especially amongst friends. This is a topic… Continue reading Sacred Space


I cannot think of a better to way to begin such a creative endeavor as journaling for all the world to see than by beginning with something that pierces straight to the soul. I have long loved poetry and the formation of words however I tend to write poetry in a manner different than most.… Continue reading Poetry