The Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

Reposted from Forward Walking December 5th, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman For many years I misguidedly sought happiness where it didn’t exist. I didn’t understand the principles upon which it flowed. I did things that most people say are important or will make you happy (traveling the world, striving toward achievement, or taking on big and… Continue reading The Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

Commitments of a Better Kind

Reposted from Forward Walking October 29, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman About a year ago, I began asking myself questions about commitment. I wondered why I was still single and what it really meant to be truly and wholly committed. Wasn’t there anyone out there who I could be truly happy with? What would it take… Continue reading Commitments of a Better Kind

The Power of Gratitude

Reposted from Lives of Trust October 23, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman A dear friend shared the power of Gratitude in his life after starting on a 30-day gratitude experience. Each morning he wrote 10 things he was grateful for and expounded on why he was grateful for them. Within the week amazing things were starting… Continue reading The Power of Gratitude

Why haven’t you (_____) yet?

Reposted from Forward Walking October 15, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman “Why haven’t you finished writing your book yet?” the man asked patiently. “I don’t have time,” I replied. In response, he replied, ”That isn’t true.“ He then smiled broadly and continued. “That’s a cop-out answer. Why don’t you really write it? We all have the same amount… Continue reading Why haven’t you (_____) yet?

What is Love?

Reposted from Forward Walking September 4, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman Love is a choice. It is not something that happens to us, or that we ‘fall into’, at least not long term. We may ‘fall into’ love initially by feeling something towards another we cannot explain but only experience but it is only by choice that… Continue reading What is Love?

Overcoming Fear Itself

Reposted from Forward Walking August 7, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman In the pursuit of any dream there is always one questions which rises to the surface again and again: How do we overcome our fears and move forward into the future we can see? How do we overcome the things that stop us? How do… Continue reading Overcoming Fear Itself

Pioneering the Future

Reposted from Forward WalkingMay 1st by Daniel Adam Freeman The past lies behind us, the future before us, and this moment, within us. Today is nothing but the sum of yesterday. Tomorrow is nothing but the sum of today. Thus can your tomorrow always be changed today, and any day, henceforth and forever.  The past… Continue reading Pioneering the Future

Questioning the Soul

Reposted from: Forward Walking March 2nd, 2013 by nomadfreeman Today I simply wish to ask you a question and discuss its answer: If you have never lost yourself, how can you ever find yourself? At various times in our lives we have all lost our way, suddenly realizing that we were miles from where should be.… Continue reading Questioning the Soul