Making a Child’s Day

Reposted from Forward Walking November 12, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman As I walked through the front door, I heard two little voices excitedly yell from down the hall, “Dan’s home! Dan, will you come play with us?!” 4-year-old Gordon and 6-year-old Grace came running around the corner as they waved, “Hi Dan!” They had friends… Continue reading Making a Child’s Day

Commitments of a Better Kind

Reposted from Forward Walking October 29, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman About a year ago, I began asking myself questions about commitment. I wondered why I was still single and what it really meant to be truly and wholly committed. Wasn’t there anyone out there who I could be truly happy with? What would it take… Continue reading Commitments of a Better Kind

What is Love?

Reposted from Forward Walking September 4, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman Love is a choice. It is not something that happens to us, or that we ‘fall into’, at least not long term. We may ‘fall into’ love initially by feeling something towards another we cannot explain but only experience but it is only by choice that… Continue reading What is Love?

The ‘Oxygen’ of Life

Reposted from Forward WalkingJune 12, 2013 by Daniel Adam Freeman Lately I’ve been swimming more and more to stay in shape. I have learned that as one swims there is one very important thing, a thing which your swimming form plays into very much, a thing which is as important to swimming as it is to… Continue reading The ‘Oxygen’ of Life