Questioning the Soul

Reposted from: Forward Walking March 2nd, 2013 by nomadfreeman Today I simply wish to ask you a question and discuss its answer: If you have never lost yourself, how can you ever find yourself? At various times in our lives we have all lost our way, suddenly realizing that we were miles from where should be.… Continue reading Questioning the Soul

Focusing on Final D’s

Tonight I participated in a firecircle with the 18+ (Sinagua) group at Anasazi. They have been on a primitive for the past three days and had little to no food except what they could find in the wilderness around them. They arrived at their final destination (or Final D as they call it) earlier today.… Continue reading Focusing on Final D’s

The Child Within

My travels are but opportunities to overcome myself and the conceptions of my world… I am now in France, against all planning and my summer is changing dramatically. I was open to spontaneity of the moment and will follow it through to its end no matter how many commitments I must renegotiate in the process…… Continue reading The Child Within