The Rising Generation in Christ

For those who don’t know – I am a Mormon. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And every 6 months we have a conference the areas in which we live. These conferences are called Stake Conference and thousands gather to discuss as a community what we need to be doing in our lives as a whole – that we may be united and one, in purpose, direction, and heart.

At 9:41 pm on April 12th we’d just gotten back from the Saturday Evening Session of Stake Conference and put the kids to bed.

The conference itself was wonderful, and all about the recent call by the Prophet to hasten the work of the Lord. He has said that the time has arrived that the work of the Lord is to be hastened. The Lord is speeding up His work of Salvation among the children of men in preparation for the Second Coming of the Son of Man, or Jesus Christ.

Will you be ready? Will you be a part of the preparation? Of the expansion of the gospel and all it entails?

I was touched by what I heard. This age is one of the greatest ages in which to be alive. The work of the Lord has been hastened, and is hastening. The gospel will never again be taken, or be allowed to be taken, from the earth – we have this promise in modern day revelation.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Lattery-day Saints will roll forth as a stone cut from the mountain without hands until it has filled the whole earth and shattered all kingdoms built by men. As the kingdoms built by men crumble and fall the Church of God on the earth today, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will rise in power, and might, and dominion until under its banner flock every lover of peace, hearth, and home. Every righteous person in the world will flock to the banner of His church, or die trying.

We live in the most amazing time, a hard time but an extra-ordinary one. Forgotten will be the administrations of Bush or Obama, and the crash of 2008 and those greater yet to come. All the wars and contentions of the world will be but backdrop to the expansion of the gospel.

In the eternal courts of Heaven above the defining eras of our lives will be spoken of in relation to the expansion of the gospel of Jesus Christ and its availability. Whether you lived before or after the coming of Christ, after the Restoration of the Gospel, when the hastening took place, or just prior to the Second Coming of the Lord. In the eternities they will not ask how you responded to the demands of life, nor how you earned a living, but rather how you participated in the gathering of Israel and the hastening of salvation among the children of men.

What will you say? How will you answer?

The youth of the church today will be raised and taught by leaders who have gone astray, seduced by what the world had to offer – and come back stronger, and more sure of their faith, in the end.

The youth will be stronger for it. They will be raised by those who have returned from ‘inactivity’ and will have learned the true cost of the choices presented them as reflected back in the lives and experiences of their leaders.

This will be markedly different from the previous generation. They will be taught from early on to be missionaries, to be examples, and to stand up for what they believe in the face of any adversity. Why? Because it’s true. What other reason could there be? This will perpetuate the acceleration of the Lords work of salvation here upon the earth, and it will be marvelous to behold.

Just as the rock that was cut out of the mountain without hands rolled forth to fill the earth so too will this rising generation spread the gospel message of salvation to all corners of the earth.

Whereas my generation was raised to be good examples and stand up for what we believe in when called upon the rising generation will be called upon to actively rise up and be missionaries at all times, and in all places. They will be taught this from birth on.

So what do you say? Will you participate in the instruction of the next generation? Will you let your voice be heard, your experiences shared, and the warnings of your life sounded so that they can choose more wisely than we did?

What do you say? Will you participate in the hastening of the Lords work by raising the next generation of missionary minded men and women? Will you?


One thought on “The Rising Generation in Christ

  1. Oh how I LOVE reading your blog! There is something about your writing.. and your energy. THANK YOU!!! Your words are a beautiful light! xo


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