Strengthening the Home

“Ours should be a conscious effort every day… to strengthen the homes which are our Heavenly Father’s first line of defense.” – Harold B. Lee

In a world that is self-destructing itself into darkness we ask ourselves where we can turn to stem the tide of decaying morals and values, dishonesty, selfishness, and pride? Must we focus on our politics, our institutions, or ourselves as individuals?

The answer is surprisingly simple. If we wish to save our country then we must start that saving process in our homes and families. Our homes are the first line of defense in this decaying world of darkness. If they fall prey to the degradation that surrounds us then our civilization falls as well.

Strengthening the home and defending it from any unwanted influences should be our primary goal. The answer to every problem we face as a nation lies in the rearing and raising of the rising generation, and the protection and establishment of the solid homes from which they come. In those homes they will grow and mature as a young plant seeking the light. Let us fill our homes with light that they may drink in the sustaining power of a powerful home.

As Americans we often believe ourselves above the decay taking place all around us, but there is a reason it is called decay. It is often unrecognized until it is too late. Do we take the time to let our children know we love them? Do we teach them about the reality of natural consequences – or do we mitigate all consequences in an effort to ‘keep them from harm’? Do we show them, by example, how they are to live? Do we exemplify moral rectitude, honesty, integrity, honor, and faith in God?

The very cures for the times we live in are found in the children who surround us. The question remains, however, will we raise them in such a way, and from such a place (the home), that they can face the challenges of this world and stand up to the darkness that is spreading even as you read these words.

We must remember that the light is always stronger than the darkness. But that light, it begins, grows, is nurtured, and developed in the home. That is where we must focus if we are save some semblance of the society we cherish in our hearts.

Whatever happened to the America where neighbor serves neighbor? And where when something bad happens the entire community turns out to help and repair whatever wrong was committed? And the most important questions: Do you exemplify such an America? Will your home exemplify these things?

If enough homes in America come to exemplify these values then we will save our country, for in the face of such great light what darkness can stand against it?

If we fortify our homes, we may yet save our country. If we do we will be part of the solution, not the problem.

Will you do your part today? Will you put your family first? Will you fortify and strengthen the presence of your home in the lives of your children, and make it a place of peace, love, and light from which they can go forth and change the world?


One thought on “Strengthening the Home

  1. You are so excellent with words!

    “We must remember that light is always stronger than darkness.” I really like that. I forget that a lot. It FEELS like the darkness is stronger. But you are right. I know it in my head and heart. Clouds of fear confuse me sometime. I want to choose faith! I want to choose light!!

    Thanks for YOUR light 🙂


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