I am the symbol of Christianity

I am the symbol of Christianity. So are you.

Every religious practice across the world puts great meaning into its symbols. When thinking of Christianity in general the symbol of the cross instantly comes to mind. It is a symbol of Christ’s death, and the sacrifices we must make to live with Him again. The meaning behind it is important, but it is not the true symbol of Christianity.

To those more initiated in the lore of Christianity the fish has special symbolism as well. During the times of Nero and the apostasy of the church across Europe Christians were heavily persecuted. They were turned in by neighbors and friends, ridiculed, spat upon, and even executed for sport at state events. The symbol of the fish gained special meaning among believers. It let them know that they could speak openly of their beliefs, or that they were among friends. It guided them through the catacombs to where they could meet in secret and still worship according to the tenets of their faith, and the dictates of their conscience. But the fish, like the cross, isn’t the true symbol of Christianity either.

The true symbol of Christianity is found in the Christians themselves. We are the symbols of Christianity.  We are the symbols of everything it means to be Christian. We do not worship the cross, nor a dead Christ, or any image of Him or His prophets in any way, shape, or form. We worship the Living Christ. We glory in the Living Christ, and we live our lives so as to bring glory to His name.

What does this mean – to literally be the true symbol of Christianity?

The way we live our lives should flow from our faith as naturally as water flows forth from a spring. It means that the way we live our lives in such a way that those we meet know of our honesty, integrity, compassion, long-suffering, strength, and love. The only true symbol is Christianity, or of any religion or movement, is found in the lives of those who profess to belong to it.

How do you live your life? And what do you live it for? Are the beliefs you profess instilled into your every action and interaction with your fellow men? Do your actions speak of your dedication and self-transcendent way of life? Or the greed, lust, corruption, and pride that so commonly plague the world? As they say – if we do not stand for something we will fall for anything. What do you stand for?

How will you become a living symbol of Christianity?

You know the answer to that question already – for the actions you must take echo inside the chambers your heart and soul. They are the promptings that have been conveniently ignored throughout your life, or the ways you know you should live but don’t, the truths you have been taught but have forgotten amidst the demands and cares of life.

Will you exemplify, in action, what it is that makes us great and binds us together?

The actions you choose to take today will set the stage for all future generations after you. How will you be remembered?


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