Quotes on Being

The words you are about to read are a collection of various thoughts and quotes taken from my personal journals. In them I hope you can find something that will speak to your heart and help you on your way…

They do not follow any logical flow or conclusion so please read as you feel so prompted…

As human beings in this fast moving world we focus much time on how to, how to, how to. Just as vital as what you must do, however, is who you are.

As the germinating seed in growth, reaching up toward the light, becomes all that it was meant to be, so too as we stretch ourselves toward the light do we become all that we were meant to be.

Everyone is fighting hard; first against oneself, then against the world.

In the presence of what we are not, we become what we are; this is called ‘being’. This ‘being’ creates the world in which we dwell, and move, and live; a world of dualities and paradoxes, a world of truth and fiction, of black and white, of right and wrong. In not being all things have being, even you and I.

Contradictions define. Differences made clear clarify both sides. If you would discover what something is: decide what it is not. In not being all things have being.

In finding our purpose the search is not in finding something to do, but rather, in discovering who we are.

It’s not what we are accomplishing; it’s who we are becoming.

It is wisdom in itself to exclude those distractions, temptations, and sins, from the ever closing encircling that is taking place within our lives. We circle ever nearer to those things upon which our hearts are set. True success is found in circling in upon those refining, developing, godly things which invite us to move towards the light – for the end result of such a choice will fill our very lives with light.

In the search for True Self we must not look for it abroad. Many a man has spent his life in search of something outside himself that can only be discovered within.

It is not about accomplishing all of your goals and dreams in life; it is about who you become on the way to accomplishing all of your goals and dreams in life.

Out of the abundance of the mouth the heart speaketh.

Sacrifice is necessary, for we truly show who we want to become by the sacrifices we are willing to make. It is through the things that we actually sacrifice, however, that we become who we are.

All men become what they think about and they think about those things that they hear, read, see, and do. Guard your mind and you guard your destiny.

Stop seeing what you see and start seeing who you’ll be. Stop seeing what you see and start seeing who you’ll be.

The little things in life make all the difference. They determine who and what we will become.

The things that we learn we do. The things that we love we remember. The things that we live we become. All things that affect us for good or ill have been learned, loved, and lived.

There comes a time when it is no longer enough to show potential, but a time when we must live up to our potential.

True self is revealed when one analyzes the connections between oneself and one’s time; between oneself and one’s responsibilities; between oneself and one’s speech. The revealed differences that come from such an analysis truly show us for what we want and who we are.

We do not teach what we know, we teach who we are.

We form and create our destiny by who we become; all things stemming from our thoughts.

Who we are on the inside reflects on the outside, and in all the people, places, and things that we choose to surround ourselves with.

Who we become is but who we are today, drawn out over time.

Focus on what you are to become, not what you have done.

There come times in life when we must ask ourselves some questions; What do I want to be, do, accomplish, and be remembered as? Each time the answers change and a new journey begins.

The world is neither miserable nor joyous, but the people in it. The world is but a reflection of what we ourselves are.

Life is nothing more than the polishing of the stone we wish to become. To become such we must polish our ideas and in so doing, polish ourselves.

Read it twice, even three times, for it is a subtle difference. We do not become successful by what we do alone, but by who we are. Read it twice, even three times, for it is a subtle difference. We do not become successful by what we do alone, but by who we are.

As in temples of old, the great stone walls becoming sun bleached and marked by all who pass, so it is with the temples of our lives; through the bleaching and purifying process of life, and the marks left by all who pass that we become who we are today, immortalized in stone. We must remember, however, that the greatest shaping effect upon the temple of our lives, does not come from the bleaching and purifying experiences of life, nor from the marks left by those who pass, but from the way in which we have carved the stones and upon what we have built the foundation of who we are.

Until we awaken as the masters of our own Destiny we follow the principles and edicts of the culture and time in which we find ourselves. Will you allow the culture of your time to dictate your destiny? 

Or will you awaken from the dust, stand up, step out, and speak up? Will you decide who you will be? Will you shape the path of your own destiny or relegate yourself resignedly to whatever the world gives you?

What will you decide to be?
Who will you decide to be?
And who will decide, if not you?


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