Petitioning God with Clean Hands

In the movie Ephraim’s Rescue the main character, Ephraim, discovered that the Lord had given him the spiritual gift of healing. As his life progressed he came to realize the power and reality of his gift, as well as the responsibility bestowed upon him to use it properly.

Prior to giving a blessing, by the laying on of hands, he always washed himself clean. He washed his hands, arms, and face and also washed the face and neck of those he blessed. I wondered why he did so and was rewarded when a woman in the movie asked him why.

Ephraim, in a quiet tone, said, “None of us are truly clean. But we must do our best to be so as we petition the Lord for his blessings.”

So it is for each of us in our lives. None of us is clean, nor can we be except through the atonement of Jesus Christ. No matter what we do we can never be fully clean except through Him. Therefore should we strive to do all we can to be as clean as we can when we do supplicate Him in faith.

When we kneel before the Lord and petition Him for aid of any kind let us strive to be clean – of body, mind, and soul.

Will we strive to be as clean as we possibly can in petitioning the Lord for his aid and the blessings which he so desires to bestow upon us?

In striving to be as clean as possible we show Him respect. He knows of our efforts, and the desires of our hearts, and He will bless us according to our faithfulness.

Now, let us go forwards from this moment and live our lives in such a way that we may always kneel worthily, in cleanliness and confidence, before our Maker as we petition Him for aid.

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