Ephraim’s Rescue

Last night we watched a new inspirational film based on real historical events. It is highly spiritual and touched my soul. It is about men and women who draw closer to God through hardship and who sacrifice everything in pursuit of truth. It is also about one man who wants nothing more than to be a good man and the influence he has on others because, knowing he is imperfect and unclean, tries anyway.


Ephraim’s Rescue is a spectacular movie that I invite all who have any inclination towards spiritual things to watch. It will touch your heart and soul. It will invite you to be something more, to rise above the hardships and trials of your life, and serve others to the best of your ability.

Ephraim’s Rescue, just like the gospel of Jesus Christ, does not ask you to be perfect, but it does ask you to try. It asks you to give your all. It shows us the impact one good man can have when he tries to overcome his carnal nature and become something more… a good man.

Watching Ephraim’s Rescue leads me to question what it is that God is preparing us for as a people and as a nation?

Have you noticed how many movies and television series there are now about surviving apocalypses, hardships, and trials of all kinds? Think back on how many movies you’ve seen which invite you to step up, be kind, serve others, stand for something, and become something more.

Watching Ephraim’s Rescue I thought of many other movies of our day which depict men and women rising above the hardships of their lives in an effort to draw nearer to God and maintain their humanity, their very godliness, in the face of adversity.

As I have grown up the style and type of popular movies has changed. It has happened because of the times in which we live and the times towards which we move. We are in a time of great change and there are further changes on the horizon. It happened before and it will happen again. We are part of a great cycle in time and if we look around us we will see where we fall into the cycle and be able, to some extent, to predict the future.

thefourthturningI invite you to read a book which opened my eyes to this great cycle and our place in it in our day and age. It is fascinating and I invite you to take action and read it. It is written by William Strauss and called The Fourth Turning.

The spirit of the Lord is moving, and has moved, upon the hearts of men and women all over the world. He is preparing us for what is to come and He will continue to prepare us for what is to come. All we have to do is listen to the spirit and trust in Him.

Whether or not you are Mormon the message of this movie couldn’t be more needed in this world than it is today, or at least hasn’t to this point. I find it sad to admit but I do not think the world will get any friendlier to those of us who profess to have faith of any kind. It is time that we come together, men and women of every faith and creed and strengthen one another against the world.

It is time that we have faith, as Ephraim had, and seek out excellence wherever we may be, in whatever we may be doing. Let us also strive to be good men, as Ephraim did, and recognize the guiding and preparing hand of God in our lives. He will prepare us for what is to come.

Only one question remains: Will we rise to the occasions presented us and become men and women of God? 

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