The Way of Habits

It is the habits we choose to keep, in the face of change, that shape our future.

Having recently moved to Colorado I did not realize, until now, how attached I was – not only to my habits, but to the way in which I performed them.

In Arizona I had a built-in gym in my apartment complex that was accessible to 24/7. I could walk down the stairs and be at the gym in less than a minute. I could workout any time of the day or night without driving anywhere. It was extremely handy and fit easily into my busy schedule.

Then I moved to Colorado and discovered something. I was more habituated to how I worked out than to working out itself.

In other words:  The way we perform our habits is just as important as are the habits we choose to form. We are more habituated to how we perform our habits than we are to the habits themselves.

When you move, or when life changes all around you, it is easy to lose yourself in other things. Your schedule has changed, there are new demands on your time, old opportunities are no longer available, and the new options aren’t as desirable as the old ones. Whatever the reason you have let the habits of your life slip, don’t let it continue! It isn’t worth it!

I was more habituated to how I worked out than I actually was to working out itself. 

I was used to working out at my gym in Arizona as it was set up. I was used to the equipment there. I was used to walking only a few feet to get there. I was used to being able to workout anytime.

Now that I am in Colorado things are different! I am engaged to a wonderful woman with 2 beautiful children, whom I love dearly. The mornings and evenings I spend with them. After they go to bed my Fiance and I spend our time together. The gym is a 10-15 minute drive from here and between driving and working out that would be a lot of time away from the people I love.

Since coming to Colorado I have fought to reestablish my habit of working out. I have sought new workouts and recently purchased weight equipment so that I can workout at home and spend the least amount of time away from those I love.

It has been hard because at times I have been disenchanted with the changes that came with the move – at least when it came to working out: the equipment here was limited, I don’t like doing some of the exercises that are available to me, the gym is not as close as I am used to, and when is there even time to workout anyway?

How often are we disenchanted with the changes that come into our lives and let our habits slip as a result? Don’t the habits we establish help us shape the future we know we want? So when things change in our lives shouldn’t we simply change with them, adapt, adjust the way in which we perform our habits, and continue to create the life we long to live?

While the habit of working our regularly was a part of my life I learned that working out was not truly the habit I had created; but the way in which I worked out. It was everything surrounding it that I was struggling with. I still had the desire to workout but I hadn’t established a new habit of how to workout yet.

When change comes into our lives will the habits we have established remain? Will we change the way we perform them and recommit to living them again and again or will they fall away from us because we weren’t willing to change with them?

The life we create will depend on the habits we instill. Those will depend on the actions we repeatedly take, and continue to take, as things all around us continue to change.

And life will continue to change. That much is certain. Everything in life changes. Change is the only constant. Will you change with it and continue establishing the habits that will create the life you long to live?

Will you establish, and keep, the habits that matter most? Will you take the actions necessary to change and adapt with life, keeping your habits alive, on a daily basis? Will you change the way in which you perform them as everything around you continues to change?

These are the questions I have been asking myself lately. Will I actually keep the habits that are important to me as everything continues to change? Will I learn a new way of doing them when the way I am used to doing them is no longer available?

It is not only our habits to which we are attached – but the way in which we perform them.

We create our future as we choose, establish, and maintain our habits. What will you choose? Will you adapt the way you perform your habits to match the way in which you live, the way in which you wish to live?

This past week I have taken action and acquired weights to mirror the workout habits, schedules, and processes to which I became habituated in Arizona. I have created a similar atmosphere here, in my new home, as existed there.

In short – I am recreating the way I performed my habits in the face of change.

Will you?

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