The Faith to NOT be Healed

From notes from 03.03.2013 | Single Adult Fireside | David A. Bednar

“Not shrinking is more important than surviving.” (Neal A. Maxwell)

Not shrinking is more important than surviving. It is partaking of the bitter cup without becoming bitter. No pain, trial, or experience in this life is wasted. Through them individually, and collectively, we are built up and strengthened.

Trials and hardships are for our good. Do not shrink at any point, especially towards the end. Stand firm and stand tall. Shrink not. And allow your will to be swallowed up in the will of the Father.

Most ask “Do you have the faith to be healed?”
Today I ask “Do you have the faith to NOT be healed?”

Do you have the faith to NOT be healed? To allow your will to be swallowed up in the will of the Savior? Are you will to submit to all things, cheerfully, which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon thee? Even when you don’t understand why – or feel that you do have the faith to be healed? What if he decides not to heal thee?

The hardest thing to do is sacrifice our will in submission to His will. Will we? It is the only way we truly trust in Him. Our faith must not be dependent upon, or determined by, only the outcomes we want or feel justified in seeking, desiring, or asking for. That would make faith a unilateral relationship. It must be more than that.

When you being to ask God, “Don’t you care that (fill in the blank)?” remember that He does care. He kindly speaks to us now as He did to His apostles when they were about to sink in the midst of a storm as He slept. 

His apostles awakened him and asked, “Carest thou not that we perish?”

The master, I imagine smiling a little, said “Oh ye of little faith…” as he stretched forth His hand and calmed the waters. 

Do you believe that? Do you believe that He truly stretched forth His hands and calmed the waters? If so then let this work within you. He can calm the waters of our lives as well. But, if He chooses not too – do we have the faith to accept His will?

Faith is knowing what could happen; not what will happen. It is knowing that God can calm the waters, not that he will calm them. He loves us and will do unto us that which is for our own good. Sometimes the very things we try to exercise our faith to get out of are the very things we need pass through to learn the lessons necessary to our progression in the future.

We must have faith in God and trust in His eternal plan for us. We cannot see His entire plan for us individually though we may be gifted glimpses of His purposes for us from time to time. The entire framework of His gospel is bare to our exploration, however, and therein let us have faith. He loves us and will bless us, even with the trials and tribulations that we stand in need of to become all that we were meant to be. This life was not meant to be easy. It was meant to be hard, to push us, to prod us, to invite us to grow… This life is all about faith. Trust in Him.

Remember, if mere earthly tribulations cause us to question our faith and lose our way then we must ask ourselves how deep our conversion truly is. Let us, therefore, deepen our conversion so that it is not dependent upon us receiving the outcomes we feel justified in demanding based upon our faith. Let us base our faith, rather, on our knowledge of His love for us and trust, from that point onward, that everything He does, or permits us to go through – even the unexplained and unexpected traumas of our lives – are for our own good in the eternities.

Do not shrink when life hits the fan. Remember, “not shrinking is more important than surviving.”

We do not know the answer to all things. We do not know why many things happen? Nor how they shall be made right in the end… But what we do know is enough. What we know is enough. We know that He loves us. We know that He provided a way for us to return to live with Him again. We know that we are here to learn. We know that He speaks to us individually. We know that he invites us continually to come unto Him. We also know, that nowhere does He say that this life will be easy. On the contrary, he continually warns us that this life will be hard and that to overcome the world we must have faith in Him and in His love for us.

Therefore, I say unto you, do not shrink when the vicissitudes of life descend upon you and the whirlwinds of life seek to destroy. Trust in He who gave you life and in He who sees all things. Trust in He who loves us so completely that He sent his only begotten son to die for our sins – that ALL who will, may return to live with, and progress with, Him again.

This life will pass quickly and in the blink of an eye we will be standing on the cusp of eternity, remembering with awe and wonder the many lessons of this life. The great and grand tapestry of our lives is in His hands. Have faith. Trust in Him. Know that even if things do not go as planned He does still love us, guide us, care for us, and comfort us.

Ask yourself this question and sound the depths of your own soul and faith; “Do you have the faith to NOT be healed?”

If you do not like the answer you found to this question seek faith by study, application, learning, and experience. Deepen your conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Have faith in Him. Trust in Him. Then, with your faith firmly established in Him show your trust in Him by surrendering your will to His will and cheerfully submitting to all things whatsoever the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon thee, or permit to be inflicted upon thee. It will be for your good. We are promised that NO experience, trial, or hardship in this life will be wasted. This I can promise from the many experiences of my life as I look back upon them, and I am grateful for each and every one of them. 

May you be blessed in the walking of your journey. And in the spirit of these last three entries may you be filled with Charity and spread it out into the world before you wherever you go that all men may see thee and glorify thy Father which art in heaven. May you live more fully after the manner of Happiness and discover within yourself the Faith to NOT be healed…

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